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The Alarming Truth about Tobacco Use and Oral Health in Canada

Tobacco use is still legal in every country but has become greatly limited in Canada due to laws designed to minimize its use. These laws are made in an effort to protect citizens who may not fully grasp the consequences of smoking. Powerfully addictive and capable of causing a variety of life-altering diseases, smoking tobacco is an epidemic, and it doesn’t just endanger your overall health. Explore the ways tobacco also takes a toll on your gums, teeth, and oral health.

Modern Day Tobacco Use in Canada

Those who choose to smoke tobacco had an easier time in the 1990’s than they do in 2018. With taxes imposed on tobacco products, the rising price has caused some smokers to explore other options. Smoking bans are active in every Canadian province, so it’s no longer convenient to smoke in public. Despite these efforts by the government, 13% of Canadian adults still regularly use tobacco.

Statistics of Tobacco Use in Canada

These facts will shed light on the use of tobacco in Canada:

How Tobacco Use Affects Your Oral Health

Whether you smoke, dip, or chew, there really is no worse habit for your oral health than smoking tobacco. While smoking is the most popular method of using tobacco, all methods have a negative impact on your smile. For example, tobacco smoke has the unique quality of darkening your teeth, while chewing tobacco causes blisters to emerge on the inside of your cheeks. Ultimately, quitting your smoking habit is one of the best things you can do for your smile.

Smoking and Your Smile

Cigarette smoke has hundreds of chemicals and toxins in it. As it passes through your mouth, this smoke has an immediate effect on the surrounding gum tissues, teeth, and even your tongue. The negative impact of smoking increases as the habit becomes more frequent. Therefore, smokers subject their mouths to negative short and long-term effects.

Short Term Effects of Smoking on Your Smile

Even for occasional smokers, tobacco smoke can cause conditions that are harmful to your oral health and well being. If you like white teeth, then kiss those goodbye if you plan on smoking cigarettes, since they’re one of the biggest causes of stains. Another short-term effect of tobacco use is that your breath will be noticeably affected and will have a strong smoky smell. Finally, your sense of taste will begin to fade as you choose to smoke more often.

Long-Term Effects of Smoking on Your Smile

Lifelong smokers make their mouths vulnerable to a wide range of problems. Regardless of whether you smoke or chew your tobacco, both ways greatly increase your chances of getting oral cancer. Smoking’s effect on the immune system is devastating as well, as it can turn otherwise minor conditions into serious problems you can’t easily recover from.

We Can Repair Your Smile at Ralhan Dental

Smoking is undeniably one of the most damaging habits for your oral health, but it’s never too late to give your smile the help it needs. If you’ve avoided the dentist due to problems with your teeth and gums, there’s no better time to come into one of our two locations. At both Cornerstone Dental and Oak Park Dental, Dr. Ralhan and his team have the equipment, knowledge, and services that can restore your smile. Contact us today to get started.