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Can I Keep My Wisdom Teeth?

wisdom teeth removal in Oakville

Ideally, it would be nice to enter adulthood without being greeted with the undeniable discomfort of wisdom teeth. Talk about growing pains, right? It’s not so much that the new teeth are bothersome, but rather the complications that could result from them growing in that could be cause for worry. For most people, when wisdom teeth begin to erupt, so does the pain. As dental professionals working with a number of patients on a day to day basis; we are often asked by patients if they can keep their wisdom teeth. A fair question regarding the process of having to go through wisdom teeth extraction, temporary pain, and healing.  

Although it’s not recommended to keep your wisdom teeth, it’s not entirely necessary to remove them – if they are properly positioned, erupted through the gums and have fulling grown out. If they are impacted and/or causing crowding of your teeth, including pain, your dentist may certainly recommend having them extracted. It’s rare to have all four wisdom teeth come in without posing a risk of damage to nearby teeth or having no pain or discomfort at all. So, we advise putting some time aside to take care of it once they begin to erupt.

Taking time away from work and refraining from eating your favourite dishes after getting your wisdom teeth extracted can feel like a bit of a hassle. But skipping out can result in long term problems with your oral health. Here’s what you should understand about wisdom teeth. They are removed to reduce the risk of bacterial infections in your mouth. Since wisdom teeth are the farthest to the back of your mouth, it is a difficult to reach place to thoroughly clean leaving food and debris trapped between the gums and teeth – making it more susceptible cavities.

How do you know if your wisdom tooth is impacted?

On the other hand, most wisdom teeth don’t entirely erupt from the gums, or they may become partially exposed. For those who have ignored getting these types of wisdom teeth checked; they may experience swollen and very painful gums due to infection called pericoronitis. Other problems may include tooth decay and damage to nearby teeth. Sounds worse than just getting them extracted, right?

Once you make the decision to move forward with extracting your wisdom teeth, your dentist can provide you options to make the procedure go as smoothly and comfortable as possible.  After extraction, you can expect swelling after 24 hours for up to 7-10 days, with some soreness – this is all very common and normal. Rest assured, you’ll be back to your daily grind and eating your favourite foods again.

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