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Dental Trends From Around the World That Will Leave you Scratching Your Head

vampire teeth

Odd Dental Trends From Around the World

Most of us, whether young or old, try to ensure through proper dental hygiene that we stay out of the dentist’s chair, but there are a few people who think otherwise and either follow a dental trend or set a dental trend whether it affects their oral health or not.


1 Does teeth blackening affect oral health?

With all those adverts for the pearly white smile, one might never imagine that teeth blackening would become popular. It seems that this is a cultural preference and suggests beauty too. There are it appears folk songs emanating out of Vietnam favouring black teeth. In fact, you may receive the most compliments if your black teeth are lacquered. There is no proof yet that it is easier to keep black teeth black than white teeth white. The blackening has to be regular to stop white spots emerging through the peeling lacquer. No one has commented on whether black teeth help oral health either.


2 Double teeth – whatever next?

Crooked, not straight, is the craving of some teeth beautifying fanatics in Japan. Double teeth, sometimes referred to as “snaggleteeth” are popular too. Young males and females are filling up appointment books in dentists seeking teeth that resemble the 1990s Jewels. There are people endowed with nice bright, shiny, straight teeth that want the crooked look, just to appear different in the modern age. All sorts of modern dentistry techniques, typically designed to improve oral health, such as bonding and capping are being used to get these desired effects.


3 Train track braces are back in favor

People, both children, and adults, went through a phase of wanting any dental procedures such as the use of braces to straighten teeth to be as least conspicuous as possible. There have been great inventions like the invisible teeth straightening procedure Invisalign. This trend now seems to be on the decline as more people opt for the more conspicuous railroad tracks to straighten their crooked teeth. The more conspicuous they are the better it seems!


4 Vampire teeth are in fashion

The vampire teeth look is on the wish list for young people these days by making the canine teeth look elongated. This effect can be created if it is not naturally occurring by using temporary bonding or capping to create the appearance. This type of cosmetic dentistry can be removed when the vampire teeth trend loses its aesthetic appeal but whether in the long run, it will have an effect on oral health depends entirely on what damage is done to the teeth to get the trendy look.


5 Gold look gone awol

Before the era of synthetic teeth caps and resinous bonding techniques to improve the shape of crooked or damaged teeth people used metal such as gold to fill up those unsightly spaces. Now it seems a bit of a trend even to a point of getting a piece of tooth deliberately shaved off to allow room for a gold cap. It’s not certain if oral health benefits if large chunks of teeth are removed just to get the gold look!