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Did You Know These 5 Great Foods Help Fight Cavities?

Fight cavities with apples

5 Great Foods That Help Fight Cavities.

Finding the right foods that help fight cavities (and taste good) has long been a problem for the vast majority of people, especially children. Many people leave themselves suffering to the point where they could not even get to enjoy eating the foods that they love. We all know that there are various reasons we go without getting the proper treatment we need; however, not all people know that there are 5 great foods can help fight cavities between dentist visits.

Here they are:


Cheese contains a protein called casein. It is believed that the proteins in casein have properties that promotes healthy teeth through a variety of benefits. Eating cheese will aid in protecting your teeth especially against cavities. It has been known to prevent mineral loss that improves our oral health. Cheese also increases the levels of calcium in the mouth, which is great in helping the teeth re-mineralize. However, you don’t need to start eating full wheels of cheese. Consuming small amounts semi frequently may be enough to contribute to preventing tooth decay.


Most of us probably have heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the cavities away.” Well, that is indeed true. By simply eating an apple, you are actually helping to keep your teeth clean. In addition, the apple contains flavonoids that inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Several studies and research articles have already proven its effectiveness.

Unsweetened Yogurt

Just a serving of plain yogurt combined with fresh fruits such as apples and foods that are loaded with fiber can almost act like a regular toothbrush that ensures that sugar won’t stick to the surfaces of your teeth. In order for the teeth to re-mineralize, there is a need to intake foods that contains phosphorus and calcium and yogurt contains them both. Calcium is also needed to keep your teeth strong and gums healthy.


Just like apples, cranberries also contain flavonoids, which are known for their tooth decay preventing and anti-microbial properties. In addition to cranberries, other berries are rich in flavonoids and reduce tooth decay in the same way. Cranberries also contains organic acids. These acids prevent bacteria from sticking to your mouth, especially in the surfaces that are prone to bacteria. Don’t want to actuall eat cranberries alone? You can consider juicing them with other similar berries. Cranberries also are capable of preventing the forming and build up of plaque, which is one of the common causes of gum diseases.


Cocoa contains polyphenols. It is a nutrient found in plants that plays a big role in preventing cavities. The reason for it is that it could be used to fight off bacteria. The polyphenols in it could reduce the acid formation from the S. sanguinis bacteria. The said bacteria is the one producing caustic acid that creates holes in our teeth. However, the cocoa mentioned here is the powdered form. Studies have been conducted in some animals and results show consistently that those the cocoa contributed to a reduced rate of streptococci bacteria growth.

We all want our teeth to look great so that we can freely smile in front of others without worrying about cavities and other cosmetic dental issues. That’s why we recommend adding some of these amazing oral health friendly foods to help fight the battle against bacteria growth and tooth decay between dentist visits.