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Halloween Dental Tips

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Six Halloween Dental Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Cavity Free this Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and this is a celebration where there is an abundance of sweet delights and treats that you can give to your kids. However, don’t forget that you are putting your child’s teeth in danger because of that.

Here are six Halloween dental tips that you can follow to keep your children’s teeth cavity free.

 injured teeth1 – Provide Your Child with Healthier Alternatives to Candies

Consuming sweets can cause the formation of damaging acids in your child’s mouth. These acids can affect the teeth for a minimum of twenty minutes prior to being neutralized. Sugar-free gum that contains the synthetic sweetener known as xylitol can be very effective in fighting the bacteria present in plaque and can aid in dealing with acid that can damage the tooth’s enamel. In addition, know that the chewing movement can stimulate the flow of saliva that can be helpful in cleansing the teeth. That is what makes sugar-free gum one of the best and the smartest options to serve your kids on Halloween.

It is also important to keep a healthy diet especially during this season. The human body is works like a complex machine and the foods you consume work as the fuel. The way that you fill up your body will affect your overall health including the condition of your gums and mouth. You should tell your child not to drink beverages that are rich in added sugar like soda, flavored waters and sports drinks. When your child’s teeth come in frequent contact with drinks that have a lot of sugar, your child will be more at risk to suffer from tooth decay.



Skeleton with alarm clock on the white2 – Limit the Frequency that Your Child Eats Sweets and Candy

When looking through your child’s Halloween candy, find treats that are easy to eat, a good example would be miniature candy bars. Upon arriving home from trick or treating, you should throw away any sticky and hard candies your child may have received such as the sugared fruity snacks, lollipops, and caramels since they can increase the amount of time that your child’s teeth are exposed to and harmed by sugar.

You should also try to motivate your child to consume a small quantity of candy per sitting then encourage them to drink one glass of water followed by brushing their teeth. You must never let your child sit for extended periods of time with a pack of candies by their side as this will increase the period of time that he or she is exposed to sugar.


 Dollarphotoclub_791116163 – Teach Your Son or Daughter to Consume All Foods Moderately

Though sweets are usually blamed for causing severe tooth decay, many foods which are healthy and better alternatives to candies like nuts and fruits can also trigger tooth decay when they are consumed excessively. Kids, in the same way with adults are also required to consume foods in moderation. Parents have to read the nutrition labels in order to avoid drinks and foods that are richer in sugar, fructose or any other sweeteners.




Cute child holding small pumpkin4 – Take Time on Halloween to Re-acquaint Yourself with the Oral Health Routines of Your Child

There is no better time than this season to bring some treats for your kids and remind them about the significance of normal and healthy gums and teeth. All you need is just to reinforce the significance of flossing, brushing, and paying a visit to the dentist to keep teeth healthy and strong. You can also do this by buying your child a new special toothbrush with flavored floss to introduce to your child the habit of correct dental care.

It is important to clean between teeth every day by using dental floss. The bacteria that can cause tooth decay gets between your child’s teeth where the bristles of toothbrushes cannot go. Flossing can help a lot in removing plaque as well as the food particles from between teeth and underneath the gum line.

 Teeth Kids5 – Make Use of Fluoride to Prevent Tooth Cavities

Using fluoride in dental care has been proven to dramatically reduce the damage that can be triggered by tooth decay. So you should make sure that the toothpaste your child uses contains fluoride and you can also provide him or her with a drinking water that contains fluorine.

Kids must brush their teeth at least twice a day for as long as 2 minutes with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste containing fluoride and rinse by using a mouth rinse that also contains fluoride. Those fluoride treatments that can be used and applied straight on your teeth can be purchased in a dental clinic. Fluoride water is generally delivered over the water supply of the community. When your area doesn’t have fluorinated water, you may consider purchasing fluorinated bottled water. You may ask your dentist to recommend some fluoride supplements that your child can use.

Chewing gum6 – Chew Sugar Free Gum After a Meal

You can also teach your child to chew gum that comes with the CDA (Canadian Dental Association) seal. Chewing sugar-free gum for at least twenty minutes after consuming a meal can help significantly in reducing tooth decay. This is primarily because the increased production of saliva can help in washing out the food and in neutralizing the acid that is produced by bacteria-causing plaque. Visiting a certified CDA member dentist is also advisable. Regular visits to a dentist who is a CDA member could help greatly in the prevention of these problems from happening.

Hopefully, you will be able to keep your child aware of the health of their teeth. Follow these tips and make your child understand the importance of keeping his or her teeth clean for the rest of their life.