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Things You Should Start Eating & Drinking To Mask Bad Breath

woman checking for bad breath

Having bad breath is quite embarrassing and it can affect confidence. That’s why it’s important to practice good oral hygiene all the time.

Just like body odor, bad breath or halitosis can be prevented through hygiene and proper knowledge. Thus, it makes sense to know what causes bad breath and how to get rid of it. Obviously, the main reason of having halitosis is if your mouth is dry for a longer period due to inadequate production of saliva. Dead cells can accumulate on your tongue if the mouth is dry, thus bacteria breaks in and causes a foul odor in your mouth.


Fortunately, there are simple things that you need to do to avoid bad breath such as the following:


Drink adequate amounts of water

Since dry mouth causes bad breath, then it makes sense to drink lots of water. It won’t only flush out the food particles left in your mouth but also promotes the production of saliva. Drinking water also gets rid the stinky substances in food left in your mouth, in addition to brushing and flossing of course. You should avoid getting dehydrated to ensure halitosis stays at bay. Have a drink before bed to stay hydrated when you’re sleeping and reduce the severity of that morning breath.

Eat more fibrous foods

Foods that are crunchy and fresh can clean the teeth at the same time prevent bad breath. They also help to get rid of body toxins and improve digestion. Sugary drinks and foods should be avoided, rather eat apples, granolas or some protein rich foods.

Consume foods that are rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D prevents the growth of bacteria inside your mouth. Sugar-free yogurt is ideal because it contains good bacteria that fight against bad breath. You can also find Vitamin D from tuna, mackerel, and salmon as well as mushrooms. You can also take Vitamin D supplements.

Use spices and herbs

Raw parsley is good in preventing bad breath; all you have to do is to chew it. Cardamon and fennel seeds are also recommended to keep your breath fresh. Chewing mint leaves or drinking mint tea helps in getting rid the bacteria in your mouth that causes halitosis too.

Drink black or green tea 

Polyphenols are the main content of tea and it’s helpful in eliminating the sulfur compounds inside your mouth. By drinking unsweetened tea you can prevent bad breath because the antioxidant present in the tea can fight the bacteria.

Knowing the foods and drinks that you can consume to prevent bad breath is not enough. You should also quit drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking tobacco otherwise all your efforts might be useless. Likewise, you should also practice flossing and rinsing your mouth diligently because brushing alone does not guarantee that your mouth is cleaned up well. As always, you can contact your local dentist for consultation or a checkup so that you’ll know the right things to do to avoid bad breath.

Keep in mind that having fresh breath is equally important as having pearly white teeth. Therefore, you should ensure to practice good oral hygiene all the time and follow all those information cited above.