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The Toothbrush Song and Other Fun, Teeth Cleaning Games for Your Kids

Kids brushing their teeth and mom guiding them

Getting your kids to brush their teeth isn’t always easy, but it is important. Thankfully there is a range of games, activities, and songs available online to make brushing fun for kids and parents! Check out our list of the top five fun ways to get your kids brushing.

1) The Toothbrush Song

The toothbrush song is a catchy, fun, and informative way for kids to brush their teeth from Aquafresh. In fact, it’s so catchy that many adults find themselves singing it! It lasts just over 2 minutes, the optimum length to brush your teeth, but packs a whole lot of info into that amount of time. From “a little dab of toothpaste the size of a pea” to “start at the top on your favourite side/ brush inside and out where the food might hide/ do the top and bottom, left side and right / till every tooth is clean and bright!”  The toothbrush song is the perfect way to get your kids brushing the right way.

So, as the song says “Just grab your brush and sing along!”

2) Play Pretend

Playing pretend is a great way to get your kids excited about brushing their teeth. There is always a fun way to get them brushing effectively. Tell them to pretend to be a shark to encourage a toothy grin or a lion and hippo for a wide open mouth to clean their molars.

3) Captain Super Ultra Mega Smile Man

Kids love cartoons and hate brushing their teeth, but thanks to Captain Super Ultra Mega Smile Man (courtesy of Sesame Street) kids can now get their cartoon fix while learning about brushing their teeth. Then, after brushing they can emulate Captain Super Ultra Mega Smile Man’s sparkling grin by smiling wide and saying ding!

4) Snack Swat

Colgate takes brushing games out of the washroom and puts them online. The object of Snack Swat is to click the gumdrops before they fall into the mouth, thus saving the mouth from plaque. Snack Swat is the perfect way to get kids excited and engaged with the importance of keeping their teeth clean. Then, when it is time to brush, they’ll be excited to stop plaque in real life!

5) Activity Booklets and Games offers a range of activity sheets and games that you can download and print out at home including bingo, crosswords, colouring books, and more. These fun activities will keep your kids informed and excited about brushing their teeth. For extra motivating power, you can always resort to that age-old parental standby: rewards. Every time your child brushes his or her teeth you give them a fun activity sheet or track their great progress using a sticker chart.

Making sure that your kids brush regularly isn’t just vital for their health, but it also builds positive habits that they will continue in the future. Use these games, activities, and The Toothbrush Song to keep a smile on your kids’ faces – literally!