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Try These Fun Tricks To Get Your Children To Brush Their Teeth

Happy mother and child teeth brushing in bathroom front of mirror

No one is really sure why children detest vegetables, don’t like showering and certainly dislike cleaning their teeth. Maybe it’s a reaction to bossy insistent parents thrusting unlikeable things in front of their children. Sadly for the poor children who resist anything that authority tries to impose on them, there are some things that they don’t realize are investments in a healthy future, such as dental hygiene

Tooth decay is one of those things that is entirely avoidable if preventative measures are taken at an early age. One of these is an organized persistent flossing and teeth brushing regime which in the long run is important to help your children combat harmful bacteria leading to future tooth decay and the need for fillings. If you’re having trouble getting your children to understand the importance of their tooth care, try these 9 fun tips!



9 Fun Tips To Get Them Brushing

Sing while you brush

Making teeth brushing fun starts with you as a parent. One good way to get the ball rolling is to sing happily while you brush. If you brush your teeth looking at a glum face in the mirror then the whole teeth cleaning exercise will certainly feel like a chore to an observer. Children love copying so you are the role model and they are the imitators.

Use a fun electric toothbrush

You don’t need to use the common manual off the shelf toothbrush. Try the electric version which does an excellent teeth cleaning job and it’s a cool tool for your child to play with.

Tell them the sugar story

This is how sugar can damage your teeth and create holes if the sugar is not brushed away.

Brush strokes like moving train wheels

Teeth brushing strokes should mimic the movement of train wheels. The brush should not move in a forward and backward motion but it should move in a circular motion like the turning of a wheel.

Making bubbles means good brushing technique

A bubble making competition could be initiated offering a prize to the best bubble maker. The more bubbles there are the better the teeth cleaning.

Brush your child’s toy animal teeth too

You can create a fun game making a superhero out of your child’s toothbrush which improves the toy’s teeth as well as your child’s.

Your child should choose the toothpaste

Toothpaste produced for children are preferred by children so let your child choose his or her own toothpaste.

Singing the alphabet or counting time

Two minutes appears to be the best length of time for brushing teeth satisfactorily. Singing the alphabet fits into that time frame as does setting up a 2-minute egg timer which sets off a bell when the time is up. Anything entertaining will help your child focus on the task of tooth brushing allowing the best outcomes in the future for his or her teeth.

Praising your kids

Praise your kids when they get their tooth brushing just right. This means the correct strokes and the correct timing.


If you follow these fun tricks and tips with your child’s tooth brushing you can expect his or her teeth to last fully functional for a very long time – until those adult teeth grow in!