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Which Type of Toothbrush Is Right For Me?

Ralhan Dentist Blog on using the right type of toothbrush

Which Type of Toothbrush Is Right For Me?

Maintaining good oral hygiene with the right type of toothbrush is important for your dental health and overall well-being. Do you know that gum diseases poses major risks for developing serious health problems like diabetes and heart diseases? That’s why it’s important to practice proper oral hygiene as from a young age to carry those practices throughout your life. Generally, tooth brushing is the main way to keep fresh breath. But, there are other ways that can help in eliminating the bacteria in your mouth at the same time keeping your breath fresh and maintain pearly, white teeth. This article will help to give ideas on how to choose the right toothbrush for you.

Find the right type of toothbrush
Toothbrushes come in so many different styles, sizes and shapes making it confusing to choose the right one that would work best for you. Here’s a guide that would help narrow your search:

According to dental professionals using soft-bristled brush is ideal for removing debris and plaque from the teeth. Toothbrushes with small heads are also recommended to use because it can reach all the parts of your mouth including the back teeth.

Choose a toothbrush that has flexible neck or non-slip grip for comfortable brushing. It’s important to select a brush in which you are comfortable with, the one that fits in your mouth best will really help with cleaning up the difficult to reach teeth easily.

If you have problems with your manual dexterity, using an electric powered toothbrush is recommended. It can in many cases do a better job in cleaning your teeth when compared to most regular toothbrushes.

Another thing to consider in choosing the toothbrush that would work best for you is the cost. If you’re thinking of using electric brush you should know that it cost more than the regular one. Likewise, you will also incur additional expenses in replacing the toothbrush head and/or battery. The main advantage of powered or electric toothbrushes is that it can make your teeth cleaner. More so than a regular manual one, thus reducing your the dental bills.

You can also do research so that you can compare the different types of toothbrushes available in the market. The effectiveness of the brush in eliminating plaque and reducing the possibility of gum disease should be considered. There is a powered toothbrush that can go back and forth and around your teeth and mouth or in circular motions.

In choosing the right toothbrush, you should consider your safety. Thus, select the one that has ADA approval or seal to ensure that it is tested for safety. Select a toothbrush that would not harm or damage your teeth and gums.

Once you know which type of brush would be best for cleaning your teeth, the next thing that you should know is how often you should replace your brush. Your toothbrush should be replaced once the bristles are worn out. Dentists recommend replacing the brush every three months. On the other hand, you should also change your toothbrush if you have had a cold to avoid reinfection.

Your brushing habits and toothbrush play a significant role in minimizing dental health bills and improving overall well-being of an individual. Make sure you’re using the right brush for you!