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Adult Orthodontics

If you are an adult, you may be thinking more about the appearance of your teeth than adults did in the past. It is much more common nowadays for adults to want straighter teeth and a more appealing smile. Adult orthodontics, as a dental procedure, is becoming as commonplace as it is for kids. The good news is that there are a greater variety of options available for adults that allow them to choose a procedure that suits their pocket as well as their appearance. It is evident that those people who have had their teeth straightened feel more confident when in company and have enjoyed greater self-esteem.

What are the options in adult orthodontics?

Some adults, especially older ones, may think that the only way to straighten their teeth is the traditional metal braces that they may have remembered from their youth. These are still used and remain a useful option, especially when the teeth are particularly crooked. However, there are several other options available which are less obvious and may appear almost invisible to the casual observer. Some adults may prefer these less intrusive appliances.

Adult orthodontics works by gently putting force on the teeth, which should help to reposition them, whatever the appliances used. The differences are not just related to the strength required to manipulate the position of the teeth, but in their overall appearance, too.

Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are a good option for those whose teeth do not need too much repositioning. They are almost invisible and can do a good job of improving someone’s smile.

Other types of modern braces do not use bands to encase the teeth and do not use metal brackets like the more traditional metal braces. They may be less painful and less intrusive to onlookers when the wearer opens their mouth to talk and smile.

Where metal braces are advised by your dentist in Burlington, Ontario because of the degree of misalignment or the need to correct a poor bite, their relative strength has been tried and tested. Titanium metal is a more common material than stainless steel, which was used in the past, because it has been proven to be more durable and the metal brackets that are constructed from this material need less adjustment.

Metal braces can also be made in different colours, which make them appear more tooth-like and less obvious.