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Alternatives to CPAP Machines

Do you find that you have constant trouble with sleeping? Do you wake up suddenly through the night, finding it difficult to breathe? You may be suffering from a condition called sleep apnea, which can be debilitating and exhausting if not treated. If you have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may have been using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, which is designed to keep your airways open and allow you to get a more undisturbed night’s sleep.

Many sleep apnea sufferers find that CPAP can be an uncomfortable device to use and are looking for an alternative which may be just as effective. CPAP can be a very effective device for some, but others may find that the noise and discomfort makes it just as hard to sleep as the sleep apnea itself. Fortunately, your dentist in Oakville, Ontario may have a number of appliances that can help relieve sleep apnea and give you a decent night’s sleep.

The main objective of sleep apnea treatment

Sleep apnea is caused by temporary blockages of the airways. This occurs on a regular basis throughout the night when the sufferer is trying to sleep. Every time the blockage occurs, the person wakes up with a start, then starts to breathe normally again and the cycle repeats itself. The main objective of any sleep apnea treatment, including CPAP, is to keep the airways open, so a more continuous sleep pattern is enjoyed.

CPAP has been around for quite some time and works with the help of a mask that fits over the mouth and nose. The machine has a number of pipes attached that deliver air through the airways to the lungs. Despite its proven effectiveness, only around a quarter of sleep apnea sufferers continue using it, because of the discomfort and noise they experience when they wear it at night. Your dentist in Oakville, Ontario can help you choose a less uncomfortable and invasive treatment option.

Treatment options available for sleep apnea sufferers

The main objective of CPAP alternatives is to reposition your tongue as well as your lower jaw to prevent your tongue falling back and blocking the route through to your windpipe at the back of your mouth.

There are various appliances used, such as a mouth guard that can be a more comfortable option. One such mouth guard uses a pair of U shaped plates that work a bit like a hinge when they are connected. They are custom fitted by your dentist so that they fit the inside of your mouth properly. They may be held in place by special features known as lingual tabs. The mouth guard is easily removed during the day time and only needs to be put in place at night. A similar appliance can also help those who snore excessively, too.