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Bad Bite

A bad bite occurs when the teeth don’t join together properly resulting in a crooked smile and a lowering of self esteem for the victim. It also causes chewing difficulties and with those who suffer from crowded teeth, there is a greater likelihood of cavities developing and gum disease. Your dentist in Oakville, Ontario knows how heart breaking a bad bite is and may be able to find a solution for you.

There are several different bad bite categories

The first is crossbite, when a person’s upper teeth come to rest outside or inside the lower teeth which makes biting and chewing actions difficult.

The second is crowding. That is when teeth have trouble moving into the most suitable position because there is a lack of space or the teeth are bigger than usual in relation to the dental arch or the jaw is not wide enough.

The third is deep overbite, which is when the upper teeth poke out too much in front of the lower teeth to such an extent that they do touch the front lower gums or the front lower teeth can bite into the mouth’s roof.

The fourth is underbite, which is a crossbite of the front teeth where the lower teeth are positioned in front of all the upper teeth.

The fifth is open bite, when the lower and upper teeth fail to meet when biting with a downward action.

Lastly, problems with spacing can take place when there are missing teeth or unusually small teeth in a jaw that is of a normal size leading to large gaps between the teeth. Anyone who has lost at least one tooth may well experience spacing between teeth that is uneven as the remaining teeth attempt to shift into the unoccupied space.

Bad bite not only makes biting and chewing difficult but it can also affect the person’s appearance and self esteem. Sufferers commonly seek corrective treatment, often through the use of braces fitted by an orthodontist. Treatment can be offered at your Oakville, Ontario dentist.