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Braces are used to correct crooked or misaligned teeth which cause a poor bite. They help to correct the two problems by moving the teeth slowly over a period of time. Teenagers used to be the main recipients of braces but today, adults are also asking for braces treatment at your Burlington, Ontario dentist as a means of improving their facial appearance.

Brace options available

There are a variety of options available when braces are fitted. An orthodontist, who is the specialist dentist that provides braces, will offer advice as to the most suitable braces. This depends on the amount of correction required to straighten teeth or re align the bite.

Braces come in a number of materials including plastic, metal or ceramic. Normally, steel offers the best material as it is stronger and less liable to break. Plastic or ceramic is often preferred, however, because it is less visible.

Braces apply continuous pressure so that teeth can move in the prescribed direction. It can take up to three years in cases of severe misalignment and crookedness. There is a need to adjust the braces as time progresses and the teeth move.

Brackets used with braces

When braces are fitted, the orthodontist will fix small brackets to the teeth with a specially formulated dental bonding agent. Wires called arch wires will be fitted through the brackets. Their role is to act as tracks to initiate the “path of movement” that is required for the teeth to be moved into the more desirable position. Wires can be less visible if they are made of tooth-colored or clear materials while the stronger stainless-steel wires are far easier to see. Small elastic bands, ligatures, are used to keep the arch wires attached to the brackets.


There are a number of almost invisible braces, one of which is called Invisalign. This is popular with adults when there is not too much misalignment to correct.

There are not many risks involved in braces treatment. It is rare, but some recipients of braces may have allergic reactions to substances used in braces treatment. Those with gum disease may face more problems as their gums and supporting bone may not be strong enough to withstand the pressure and lastly, teeth could become loose or even fall out. It is necessary to eliminate any gum disease before braces treatment begins. All the preparation and braces treatment can take place at your Burlington, Ontario dentist.