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A bridge, commonly known as a fixed denture, is used to fill in a space created by a single tooth, or several teeth that are missing. Bridges need to be supported and this can be done through the use of natural teeth and teeth that have been fixed into place by implants.

A traditional bridge is what is used when a crown has been bonded to the teeth that are adjacent to the gap and a bridge is attached to these two teeth and a new tooth is supported in between by the bridge. The crowns may be supported by implants or natural teeth.

The teeth that are to receive the crowns need to be strong and healthy and a small portion of each of the two teeth will need to be removed to allow for space for the crowns.

Traditional bridges are typically made of either ceramics or metal fused to porcelain (PFM).

Different types of bridges available

Bridge replacement at your Oakland dentist

Bridge placement needs at least two dental appointments at your Oakville, Ontario dentist, but sometimes more. The teeth are prepared at the first appointment and the dentist will cover these teeth with temporary crowns. When the bridge has been prepared, it will be firmly fixed to the crowns. Bridges normally last up to seven years depending on where they are situated and the biting force that they are subjected to.

The major reason for the failure of bridges is the development of new cavities in the donor teeth. These normally occur because of poor dental hygiene and to ensure longevity of a bridge it is necessary to floss regularly beneath the bridge. A bit more effort with oral hygiene is needed when a bridge or bridges are in place.