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Children’s Braces

Children’s braces are specially prepared and constructed devices that help to reposition a child’s teeth if they have grown in an awkward direction and are misaligned or crooked. There are several different types of children’s braces available that mean parents, together with their children can usually make a choice of braces to be used depending on the advice they get from their dentist in Oakville, Ontario.

Many children these days are more aware of their appearance than they were in earlier days and are more sensitive to pain and potential embarrassment if they are uncomfortable with the design of the braces that they wear. However, child orthodontics, which is the branch of dentistry that deals with the adjustment to the position or shape of a child’s teeth, has come a long way over the past two decades and the types of braces available today make wearing them much easier and more comfortable.

How braces work

Braces of all types work by applying gentle pressure on the teeth so that they grow in a more normal direction. The basic difference in the different types of braces is in the materials used which are chosen for strength and appearance. When a child goes to the dentist to be examined for braces, the dentist will examine how badly misaligned or crooked the teeth are and suggest a design that best suits the child.

Different types of children’s braces

When the child’s teeth are not too badly misaligned, non metal braces can be used. These can be made of different colours so that they resemble the colour of the teeth more accurately. Custom made removable trays do the same sort of job as metal wire braces, but are less visible.

Metal braces, either of stainless steel or titanium are used when the teeth need greater force applied to them to move them into a better position.

When additional force is required to move teeth into the required direction, elastic rubber bands and possibly head gear may be used in addition to the metal braces. Again, the appliances can be custom made in attractive colours to make them more child friendly.