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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry concerns itself with improving the appearance of a person’s teeth or related parts of the mouth such as the gums and bite. Cosmetic dentists do not focus as such on the function of the teeth although they may practise general dentistry as well and may combine attention to a problem with their patient’s teeth as well as their appearance.

Some dentists concentrate solely on cosmetic dentistry, but many, including your Burlington, Ontario dentist offer cosmetic dentistry procedures in addition to general or family dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry includes procedures such as

Teeth whitening

Teeth-whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures. It can even be done with over the counter products from a pharmacy, although teeth-whitening performed by your Burlington, Ontario dentist is more likely to make a difference in the appearance of discoloured teeth.

Bonding and bridges

These are separate procedures which help to improve the appearance of damaged, chipped or missing teeth. Bonding may follow tooth shaping, which removes or smoothes parts of the tooth that have become chipped. Bonding materials fill in any gaps in the tooth to make them appear more normal. Bridges help to fill in a gap between two teeth or next to another tooth caused by a missing tooth. They are usually fixed, unlike removable dentures.


Veneers are very thin pieces of material which are applied to the outer layer of a tooth to disguise imperfections or discolouration which cannot be removed by teeth whitening.

Caps and crowns

These are additions to the top part of a tooth that has lost part of its structure, especially after a root canal operation. They make the damaged tooth more normal in appearance.

Teeth straightening (orthodontics)

Teeth-straightening has been a procedure which has been around for a long time and involves the use of braces of one type or another to gently force the teeth into a more natural position. Typically orthodontics may help to reduce pain from a bad bite or badly misaligned teeth as well as improving the appearance of someone’s smile.