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Crowns are fixtures that are put in place when a tooth has been damaged by an accident or tooth decay. They cannot be removed after they have been fixed in place because they are cemented onto an individual tooth or on an implant. Crowns can provide added strength to a weakened tooth and restore its ability to be used in biting or chewing as well as improve the appearance of a tooth that has become chipped or broken.

Crowns and caps

Crowns may also be referred to by your Oakville, Ontario dentist as a cap. Both the words “crown” and “cap” give an idea of where these fixtures are used. Crowns may be used when

Crown construction

Crowns can be made of a number of different materials, which provide a range of strengths and appearances depending on the requirements. Where crowns need to be particularly strong, yet the teeth are less noticeable, your dentist in Oakville, Ontario may suggest that a metal crown is used. Gold is one option as well as a number of different alloys. Where the teeth are more noticeable but less exposed to pressure, particularly in the front, porcelain or ceramic can be used. These materials also have the advantage of being matched with the colour of the surrounding teeth to make them blend in more easily.

It is likely that crowns or caps are one option discussed with you if you visit your dentist in Oakland, Ontario to find out how to improve the appearance or function of your teeth. The use of a crown is usually an option and is not always a necessity. If in doubt, your dentist will be able to give you an idea of the advantages of having a crown installed and what the costs are likely to be.