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Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are usually unforeseen events that lead to a person having to seek dental treatment. Very severe toothaches and accidents which have resulted in chipped and / or broken teeth are usually the main reasons for a dental emergency. Your Burlington, Ontario dentist advises all his patients to seek dental treatment as soon as possible in the event of any of these eventualities to prevent any further worsening of the condition.


One of the most common reasons for a dental emergency is an infection which has developed in an exposed part of a tooth. The usual cause of an infection is the existence of a cavity or cavities. Cavities develop slowly because of the acid produced as a waste product of bacterial action. Bacteria collect on the surface of the teeth when food remains are left behind, especially close to the gums. The combination of bacteria and food is called plaque, and is a sticky residue which can harden if left on the teeth. As the cavity deepens, the inside of the tooth becomes exposed and bacteria can then start to attack first the dentine, then the pulp. This can easily lead to an infection and a very sore tooth. The pain is caused by pressure on the space inside or beneath the tooth due to pus formation. Infections are normally treated by the removal of all infected material and a filling placed in the cavity to seal it.


Teeth are not normally the first priority after an accident, but can be easily damaged when the face has been hit, either during an actual assault or in a car accident, trip or fall. Your Burlington dentist may be able to supply emergency false teeth after an accident if you have lost any and until such a time as you have had a full assessment. As a dental emergency is just that, it is usually unlikely that full treatment can be performed straight away as the emergency is normally squeezed in between patients who have already made appointments.

Treatment for damage to teeth during an assault or an accident may involve a range of more permanent options such as dental implants, crowns and bridges.