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Every tooth has a thin layer of enamel coating, which as it turns out is the body’s hardest tissue. Enamel conceals the exterior of the tooth which is called the crown. Enamel is translucent, but dentine, the inner material, is actually the substance that determines the colour of the tooth. This is often yellowish, white, grey, or off white. It is staining of the enamel that is often a concern to people and this is sometimes preventable if it is caused by such substances as a coffee, coca cola, red wine and cigarettes. Sometimes, the stained enamel is difficult to remove with a toothbrush but a regular clean and polish at your dentist in Oakville, Ontario ensures a better outcome for your enamel and your teeth in general.

Resilient but irrepaceable

Because enamel is so resilient, it provides protection to your teeth when you are engaged in biting, chewing, grinding and crunching. It helps to protect the teeth from the effect of high temperatures and chemical contact, too. This doesn’t mean it can’t get damaged and when it does, it will not repair itself such as occurs with bone or nail damage.

Enamel erosion

Enamel erosion is a continual problem to teeth as they are exposed readily to acids in the food and drink we consume such as sodas and fruit drinks which contain citric and phosphoric acids and foods that are made up of high amounts of sugar and starch. Acid reflux disease, sometimes referred to as GERD, can also erode teeth enamel. Certain medications, like aspirin, can have a similar effect. Further damage can occur to the enamel through teeth grinding or clenching, which often occur while asleep.

Dental appliances

Fortunately, these effects can be relieved by dental appliances which your Oakville, Ontario dentist can make and fit to your teeth which you only need to use at night. Abrasion can have an effect on your enamel too when biting of fingernails, chewing on hard objects like pen tops or brushing your teeth too hard with the wrong type of toothbrush. Flossing, if not undertaken correctly, can cause abrasion to your enamel. Many detrimental effects on your enamel can be prevented by getting simple advice from your Oakville, Ontario dentist who knows how important teeth enamel is.