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Halitosis is an unpleasant smell coming from one’s breath. The cause determines how often the breath smells in this way. Generally, it is caused by bacteria that live within the mouth, often on the underside of the tongue. The mouth’s moist, warm conditions provide a favourable environment for the growth of bacteria.

A type of bad breath referred to as morning mouth is normally of no serious concern and occurs because the saliva which is responsible for keeping the mouth clear of food does not work so well when a person is asleep. The mouth therefore is drier and cells which are dead stick to the tongue and the inner side of the cheeks. Bacteria feed off these cells and the by-product is a bad odour.

Other Causes of Bad Breath are

Diagnosing Halitosis

Your Oakville, Ontario dentist may notice bad breath while undertaking an examination of a patient. Often your dentist will know the exact cause, such as a fruity breath smell may be a sign of diabetes that has not been controlled. The smell of urine on someone’s breath could indicate a kidney problem.

At a dental consultation your dentist will undertake an examination of your teeth and gums as well as the oral tissues inside your mouth and your salivary glands. As soon as the physical examination has been completed your dentist may suggest you see your doctor for a more precise diagnosis or if serious gum disease is present a periodontist.

If there is nothing especially wrong, then good oral hygiene and drinking sufficient water should help to alleviate the problem.