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Heart Disease and Gum Disease

Research has discovered that there could be a relationship between persistent heart disease and gum disease. This may be due to gum disease being caused by a bacterial infection that may have an effect on conditions that are external to the mouth. In the case of heart disease the prevalence of gum disease may cause the bacteria that are present to find their way into the bloodstream where attachment to fatty deposits located in the heart’s blood vessels takes place. When this happens blood clots may appear which could cause a heart attack.

Heart disease and the importance of good dental hygiene

For those with heart disease it is essential to ensure that good oral health is maintained. This means flossing and brushing twice a day and attending a dentist’s appointment in Burlington, Ontario regularly. You should tell your dentist that you have heart disease and if you are prescribed antibiotics or any other types of medications you should follow closely any instructions for their safe use.

If you do have a heart condition you may be at risk of bacterial endocarditis which is an infection of the valves in the heart. If you ever experience bleeding inside the mouth specific oral bacteria could enter your blood stream and could come to rest on an abnormal heart valve or any tissue that has been weakened due to a heart problem. It is possible that the infection could damage or destroy any or all of the heart valves.

Contributing factors

You need to be especially careful if you have one or any of the following heart problems and that you don’t worsen the conditions through poor dental hygiene.

Ensure you attend your dental appointments at Burlington, Ontario so the development of bacteria in your teeth can be avoided.