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K7 Evaluation

The K7 evaluation system is a relatively modern machine that helps dentists and physicians evaluate patients who have temporomandibular disorder – a medical condition that affects the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. TMJ problems are often hard to diagnose because there may be a variety of symptoms that are related to a strain in the joint, some of which affect the teeth, but most commonly, affect other parts of the body causing neck, face, and jaw pains as well as bouts of dizziness and headaches.

How the K7 device works

The device is a diagnostic tool that is normally located in a mobile housing from which it can be unpacked for use. It uses an easy to use Windows software and plugs into an available USB socket on a PC in the dentist’s surgery. The technology requires training in its use, but the time taken to learn how to use it is not too onerous. The device records three separate sets of data which provide valuable information about the state of the temporomandibular joint and associated mandibular and masticatory muscle mass. The data provides objective information which aids in finding a solution to solving a patient’s TMJ pain. The K7 equipment is designed so that it is relatively unobtrusive and does not get in the way of the dentist when he or she is examining a patient’s jaw. The equipment does not have any adverse effect on the patient on which it is being used.

Three sets of data

The data collected when using the module provides color graphical representation and can be printed for use when the dentist wishes to show the patient what is going on, for medical insurance purposes or for staff training. The three sets of data involve electromyography, joint sonography and jaw tracking.

Occlusal analysis with K7

TMJ problems are often related to malocclusion, when a patient’s teeth do not align properly. Teeth grinding, or bad bite are two of the causes associated with temporomandibular disorder. The K7 software comes equipped with useful occlusal analysis testing protocols which can be programmed into the device for more detailed analysis.