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Kids Tooth Care

Kids learn by copying what they see around them, so if a parent has good oral hygiene habits it is more likely their children will too.

From the start the parent should help his or her children to brush their teeth twice daily and show them the correct method of flossing which can be tricky, especially for a toddler. Limiting in between meal snacks should take place and paying a visit to your Oakville, Ontario dentist on a regular basis is necessary as well.

Most dentists suggest that children begin visiting a dentist at two years of age onwards. The dentist is able to check on the dental growth of your child and advise you on the use of fluoride to protect the growing teeth. Advice on nutrition and diet can be offered at the dental visits as well.

One of the most important things about a visit to the dentist is that you, as a parent, make sure that the experience is a pleasant one. Many dentists including yours at Oakville, Ontario ensures that the waiting room is equipped with an assortment of playthings to occupy your child while he or she waits.

Eruption of a child’s teeth

The worst time for a child is when the teeth begin to erupt which begins around 6 months and will continue up to age 3. Tenderness in the gums may be experienced at this time which may upset your child. Keeping a small spoon such as a teaspoon in your freezer and applying it to your child’s gums helps to relieve this tenderness. Your dentist may also be able to provide you with some pain relief for your child through the use of medications and gels specifically designed for use with teething children.

The correct way to brush teeth

Supervising your child up to the age of 6 years is a good idea and the following should be followed.