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Missing Teeth

Teeth can go missing or bits of them can break off when you have suffered a blow to the face or had an accident, bitten on something which was too hard or because of decay.

A chipped tooth is not a dental emergency but may feel unnatural for a time and may even leave a sharp edge which can damage your tongue, inner cheeks or lips. Chipped teeth can be repaired by a dentist in Burlington, Ontario by smoothing the edge where the chip broke off and using a tooth coloured filling to make the tooth seem more natural again and provide better function if that was impaired.

Missing teeth that have fallen out completely because of a blow or an accident may be able to be re-implanted if the tooth can be recovered in good condition and a dentist can work on it within a relatively short time. The shorter the interval after the accident, the more likely it is that the whole tooth can be re-implanted. The usual advice given for someone who has just lost a tooth is to handle it only by the top, white part of the crown, then reinsert it carefully into the space where it came from. It may then be wedged in place temporarily with a small piece of cotton wool or some other sterile material held in place by the other set of teeth.

An emergency visit to the dentist may be made so that the dentist can try and re-implant the tooth in its socket so that blood vessels and other tissue can reconnect in time. The dentist may temporarily use cement to glue the tooth in place next to the two adjoining teeth so that re-implantation is more certain.

If a tooth is lost completely or has fallen out because of steady decay then you may be able to replace the space in your mouth with a false tooth. It all depends on personal preference. A missing tooth in the front of the mouth, for instance, is much more noticeable than a molar, which is at the back of the mouth.

Your dentist in Burlington, Ontario is able to provide various options to fill the gap resulting from the missing tooth. This may be a

Dentures are normally made of plastic, ceramic or metal and are usually removable and fixed in place with clips which attach to nearby teeth. Bridges are false teeth that are glued in place where the missing tooth once was. The cement glue fixes the bridge between the two teeth on either side. An implant is also a permanent fixture. It is a false tooth that is screwed into place in the jaw with a titanium screw. This procedure is a minor surgical operation under a general anaesthetic.