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Oral Cancer

Oral cancer commonly occurs in the mouth, on the lower lip, at the rear of the throat, the salivary glands or the tonsils. Men have a higher chance of getting this disease and heavy smokers and drinkers of alcohol are more prone to the disease too.

Oral cancer needs to be detected early or it may need surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy but it can be fatal. Beating the disease requires early detection.

Oral Cancer symptoms

If oral cancer is present and you don’t notice it, your Burlington, Ontario dentist will. Otherwise there are certain key symptoms such as

Preventing oral cancer

Giving up tobacco could eliminate 80 to 90% of the risk. Smoking cigarettes, a cigar or a pipe substantially increases the cancer risk in the mouth, larynx , oesophagus and throat. Lack of awareness of the symptoms often means the cancer spreads unnoticed. It is better to avoid all tobacco products or snuff which immediately lessens the chance of cancer.

Dentists are trained to detect oral cancers so a crucial way of ensuring any potential cancer is found early regular visits to your Burlington, Ontario dentist will help to ensure that, if present, any oral cancer will be detected.