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Toothache can be annoying as well a warning that there is a potentially serious dental problem at hand. It is recommended by most dentists that you should seek dental help if your toothache refuses to disappear after a couple of days, if your toothache is very painful and if you experience a fever, earache or any sort of pain when you open your mouth.

The causes of toothache

The term “toothache” can refer to a number of different pains. The pain may be coming from the root of the tooth, where the main nerve receptors are to be found or in the jawbone immediately on top or underneath, or in the gums that surround the teeth. Proper toothache treatment by your Burlington, Ontario dentist will depend on working out what exactly is causing the toothache, then tackling that directly.

A toothache can be caused when a tooth is damaged in an accident of any type; a filling that has become dislodged or exposed; an abscess; a damaged nerve ending; a damaged filling, an impacted tooth, an infected gum and repetitively grinding or chewing on something like chewing gum.

Preventing toothache

Some causes of toothache are hard to prevent because they are accidental, but most toothaches are caused by tooth decay that has been left to get worse. The best methods of prevention involve regular dental hygiene which can be done at home by brushing the teeth twice a day and flossing between the teeth. Attention to the build up of plaque will help to prevent early gum disease.

Dealing with toothache

Your dentist will have to make a thorough assessment of your teeth and gums to determine the cause of the toothache. Your Burlington, Ontario dentist will review your medical history and find out how long a pain has been occurring and where it is located. Decay can be removed, cavities replaced by fillings and loose teeth fixed in place or removed of they are too far gone. Missing teeth can be replaced by false teeth, bridges and dental implants. In some cases, if the toothache is due to poor tooth misalignment, orthodontic treatment may be recommended to straighten the teeth so that they fit more easily when the mouth is opened and closed.