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Veneers Used in Dentistry

If teeth have become chipped or they are stained so badly that any amount of cleaning cannot restore them to a white colour, fixing veneers onto the unsightly tooth’s outer surface conceals any imperfections in the teeth. Dental veneers are made up of wafer thin porcelain that fits neatly over stained or damaged teeth helping to restore them to their original state.

After assessing the condition of your teeth, your Burlington, Ontario dentist will suggest any possible options. An impression of the tooth is made and a suitable colour that fits in well with adjacent teeth is selected. This information is sent to a dental technician who will create the veneer.

Preparing the tooth for a veneer is a simple process and requires just two visits to your Burlington, Ontario dentist. The first is the inspection and measuring and the second is the fitting.

When the veneer is ready, it is fitted over the affected tooth with a special adhesive which provides a long lasting bonding. A special light may be used to speed up the hardening process. Your dentist will need to shape the veneer to match the shape of the adjacent teeth once the veneer is firmly attached.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Veneers

The major benefit of a veneer is that it can give a new look to stained or damaged teeth offering a whiter smile to the recipient. It can do what whitening products cannot do however hard you try to brighten up your teeth with gels and varnishes.

There is one major drawback and that is if the veneer does get stained it cannot be lightened with whitening agents so a new veneer will have to be fitted.