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Athletic Mouth Guard

Athletic Mouth Guard

For Oakville athletes, a mouth guard will help prevent any damages to the mouth while playing competitive sports. Not only does it help protect teeth, the mouth guard also helps prevent further damages to the cheeks, tongue and jaw. Most recreational and competitive sports require athletes to wear a mouthguard; for games where the mouthguard is optional, we highly recommend wearing one.

Athletes can benefit from a consultation with Dr.Ralhan, to determine the right performance mouthwear for each sport and how to best protect the teeth’s structure. In a quick, easy and painless fitting, the dentist will first create an impression of your teeth, then create the mouth gear in approximately 10 days. This is why it is best to be proactive and head to Dr. Ralhan way before the big game, so you’ll have the proper equipment when it’s time to play.

The repercussions from experiencing a sports related dental injury due to not wearing a mouth guard can be painful and expensive.  Contact Dr. Ralhan to prevent this type of experience from occurring!



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