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Tooth Extraction Service

After a Tooth Extraction, Burlington Dental Patients Should Take Precautions

Technology has improved many dental procedures. For example, in the past, dentists frequently removed teeth for cosmetic and health reasons. Today, dentists complete extractions when it is the only way to resolve the patient’s dental issue. A dentist will remove a tooth if he or she is unable to repair the root. In some cases, an extraction may be necessary for restorative procedures like implants or dentures.

About Tooth Extractions

For a tooth extraction, Burlington dental patients will need the services of a surgeon who specializes in oral surgery or a traditional dentist. Before extracting the tooth, the surgeon or dentist will numb the area by giving the patient a local anesthetic. If several teeth will be removed, then the dentist or surgeon may place the patient under general anesthetic, which prevents the sensation of pain and puts the patient to sleep for the procedure. A dentist may need to remove a tooth to prevent an infection from spreading. Keep in mind that dental work may result in an infection, causing bacteria enter the bloodstream. This may trigger infections in other body parts. Therefore, some people may need to take antibiotics to avoid problems.

Once the tooth is out, the patient may require stitches to prevent bleeding and ensure that the area heals properly. Also, biting down on a cotton pad will create pressure to stop the bleeding. After a tooth extraction, Burlington dental patients will be ready for the next treatment, which is usually an implant, bridge or denture.

After the Procedure

Expect the recovery period to last for several days. However, patients can speed up their recovery by taking the prescribed painkillers. Also, after the first 24 hours, be sure to rinse with warm salt water several times each day. The salt water rinse will decrease swelling and alleviate pain. Upon the completion of the tooth extraction, Oakville dental patients can make their own saltwater solution by combining 1 teaspoon of salt with 8 fluid ounces of warm water.

Tooth extraction patients will need to soak up the blood with gauze pads. Also, be sure to change the pads regularly. After the surgery, relax because physical activity can cause more bleeding. In addition, eat soft foods like mashed potatoes, pudding, gelatin and broth.

When a Dental Patient Needs a Tooth Extraction

For a tooth extraction, Oakville dental patients should contact a dentist or surgeon who specializes in the procedure. Keep in mind that modern dental methods may be able to fix root and tooth problems without extraction.

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