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Laser Hair Removal in Burlington

Discover Your Beauty with a Permanent Solution

There are many disadvantages to shaving your body hair. For one, it’s a timely activity that typically needs to be done weekly or sometimes daily for those whose hair grows back thicker and faster. Shaving can also be uncomfortable for many people and produce redness, ingrown hairs, itching, and dry or dark skin. Some people result in getting their hair waxed instead, but waxing can be very painful and it isn’t a permanent solution.

Dr. Ralhan and his Cornerstone Medi-Spa team offer a permanent solution to remove the hair on legs, arms, underarms, or anywhere else on the body. Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that beams a highly-concentrated light into the hair follicles and is safely administered by our Burlington team to patients seeking a lifelong hair removal solution.

How We Do It

When our patients come in seeking to permanently eliminate their body hairs, we discuss our procedure and how our technology is used to safely deliver your desired results. At Cornerstone Medi-Spa, we use the Cynosure’s Elite laser for all hair removal procedures, which works substantially for all skin types.

The Elite MPX laser emits dual wavelengths to get deep at the hair follicle, which is found to be much more effective than single-wavelength machines. It also administers air-cooling throughout the treatment to enhance your comfort and satisfaction.

Depending on the area you’re receiving treatment for, it can take just several minutes for a small area or as little to an hour for larger areas. Schedule an appointment for your lunch break and head right back to work when you’re done. If you’re at our Burlington location, you will be sure to find affordable and effective options for hair removal.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

In addition to being a permanent hair removal treatment, other advantages of using a laser over shaving and waxing include:

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If you’re looking for laser hair removal in Burlington or surrounding areas, visit our Cornerstone MediSpa location for a solution that lasts. Speak with Dr. Ralhan at our two dental locations in Oakville and Burlington to find out more about our personalized treatments. Simply schedule a laser hair removal appointment for your lunch break and head right back to work when you’re done. It’s that easy and can be completed that quickly.

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