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Migraine Pain Prevention

Dental problems can cause migraines and tension headaches. When pain sufferers need relief, they can turn to their dentist for headache-relieving equipment or tooth pain treatment.

Some people may have trouble with their trigeminal nerve as it is the largest nerve in the head. It transports impulses, feelings and sensations. Due to the nerve’s sensitivity, a tooth condition can affect the nerve and cause the afflicted person to suffer from headaches.

About Stabilization Splints

A stabilization splint is a small mouthpiece that a dentist fits to the patient to eliminate headaches. The piece of equipment prevents the wearer from clenching his or her teeth during sleep. Research has shown that stabilization splints reduce numerous headache triggers including teeth grinding and muscle contractions by approximately 70 percent. Since the appliance is small and unobtrusive, it won’t cause the wearer to gag like larger mouth devices can.

The dental appliance is beneficial for those who have jaw pain. It is also a good option for people who have had a recent dental procedure or tooth trauma because the device will safeguard the teeth’s biting surfaces and protect the adjacent tissues.

How Tooth Trouble Affects the Trigeminal Nerve

When a person has tooth decay, it will eat into the tooth, which causes blood cells to gather near the root. The accumulated blood cells are called an abscess, and the sufferer may not recognize it as a toothache when it forms. Since abscesses often grow unchecked, the infection will start to apply pressure to the nerves and tissues. For most people, the compressed nerves report the pain accurately to the brain. However, if the trigeminal nerve is the one that the abscess is affecting, then it may send the wrong pain signal to the brain. Once the proper diagnosis is determined, headache sufferers can acquire the right treatment. For tooth pain, Burlington residents should contact their dentist.

Treatment Details

To acquire treatment for tooth pain, Oakville residents should consider visiting their dentist. During the appointment, the dentist will likely take an x-ray and conduct an official dental diagnosis. In some cases, a cavity may cause migraines as the dental problem is a major cause of headache pain. When a cavity forms, it eats into the tooth’s enamel, which results in extreme sensitivity.

Prevent Headaches by Managing Tooth Pain

To receive help for tooth pain, Oakville residents can visit their dentist at Ralhan Dental. Keep in mind that the condition may be causing painful headaches and overall discomfort, so be sure to call for an appointment when the pain is persistent.

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