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Root Canal Therapy

Experiencing dental sensitivity? Chances are you’re experiencing the symptoms of a deep cavity or inner tooth infection. While easy to ignore, this condition can quickly compromise the tooth and create a number of oral health problems. At Cornerstone Dental and Oak Park Dental, root canal therapy is used to remove the source of infection and restore damaged teeth.

What is Root Canal Therapy

A root canal procedure can save your smile! Specifically, this type of therapy has the power to prevent teeth from experiencing further damage down the road.

Inside the tooth, there is a soft tissue called the pulp, which contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. A root canal is necessary when the pulp becomes infected or inflamed. During the procedure, the inside of the tooth will be carefully cleaned and disinfected. Once this is done, the tooth will then be permanently filled and sealed with a rubber-like substance, called gutta-percha.

After restoration, the tooth will continue to function properly and any tooth sensitivity or pain that the patient was experiencing before the procedure will now be non-existent. After the tooth has healed, patients return to our offices to have a porcelain crown placed. This seals out bacteria, reinforces the structure of the tooth, and helps restore the appearance of the smile. By the end of treatment, patients are left with a fully-restored, healthy smile.

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